FF142 Chiara vs Samuele – Mixed

Duration: 25 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: Catfight, Chokes, Domination, Feet, Feet on face, Femdom, Fetish, Foot domination, Foot fetish, Foot kissing, Hand over mouth, Hand smother, Humiliation, Mixed, One sided, Smother,  Rear naked choke, Thongs

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He’s a hard head

Samuele, leave Chiara alone! She’s not going to pay you back the 500 euro you lent her. But if you insist Chiara will kick your ass instead.
Yes, a match best of five where you’ll see the absolute domination of the sexy and hot Chiara, sporting a red bikini which looks fantastic on her.

He’s no match for Chiara

Despite trying hard, Samuele is no match for Chiara who quickly takes control and dominates the fight. You’re witnessing a one-sided match in which there are scissors, chokes, smothers… all applied in a sexy and humiliating way: you don’t know whether to feel sorry or envy Samuele.

Kiss my feet!

Samuele didn’t learn his lesson after such a beating and insists, Chiara doubles the bet: if she wins Samuele will have to give her 500 more euros and submit to great humiliation. This match ends as it should, Samuele is defeated and, like a good slave without dignity, is forced to kiss Chiara’s feet, who’s happily counting those 1000 euros in her pocket.
Moral: don’t lend money to a hot girl who can kick your ass. You will lose your money and your dignity.

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