FF143 Olga vs Andrea – Spectacular back and forth match with a humiliating ending

Duration: 21 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 2599 (2160p)
: staredown, grapevine pin, body scissors, headlock, face punching, kicking, stomp, belly punching, knees, foot smother, rear naked choke, humiliation, matchbook pin, lotus hold,

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Karateka vs wrestler

Olga claims that a karateka will always win a fight against a wrestler and guess what? Andrea strongly disagrees. A pretty intense staredown heats up the atmosphere and… it’s on!
First off, Olga’s wrestling skills are surprising, and her agility is impressive.

Andrea defeated

After some grappling, Olga delivers a hook to Andrea’s chin, then another! She is stunned, and soon she gets kicked in the face and is down, stomped by the dominant karateka. Andrea’s desperate reaction is not successful and she ends up belly punched, and kicked again and she is on her knees. She must give up!
Olga rubs it in striking a victory pose and even tries to foot-smother her defeated opponent.

Kicks or scissors?

The expert wrestler doesn’t take it well and starts using choke holds on the smaller blond… it’s only halfway into the match, there’s much more to see: either fighter has her moments of glory and loves to humiliate the other: spectacular kicks, hits, pins, scissors… you name it!
But only one will be the final winner, making the other admit her defeat: is it the karateka or the wrestler?
You can hardly imagine a match more spectacular than this.

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