FF146 Michela vs Ambra – The eight chapter of an endless love rivalry

Duration: 36 min
: Euro 24,99 (720p) – Euro 27,99 (1080p) – Euro 29,99 (2160p)
: Bearhug, trash talking, hairpulling, biting, catfight, belly to belly, knees, smother

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For Steve’s love

This is the eighth episode, to decide who will finally marry the lucky man. Ambra is leading 4-3 and the girls promise battle!
The first ten minutes round is an ear-and-nose biting challenge with the girls kneeling facing each other, pulling hair and trying to sink their teeth into the opponent’s delicate flesh: the fight is immediately cruel and violent!

Anything goes!

The second 10 minute round, it’s anything goes standing fight: the first who goes down is the loser.
Ambra and Michela pull hair, bite, body-press each other against the wall, knee and face-palm the opponent… whatever comes to their mind to weaken and throw down the other to win the round!

Final decision?

The last round is a no-time-limit catfight, no rules until one girl surrenders once and for all.
They roll on the mats body pressed against the body, pulling hair like crazy and biting, scratching, smothering the rival.
Finally, one of the fighters can’t withstand the pain, loses consciousness and is defeated! She lies on the mats in chains, humiliated and lonely. And swears revenge!

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