FF149 Adele vs Pamela – Gown and pantyhose, no bra, sweaty and ruthless catfight

Duration: 25 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: Staredown, Catfight, Chokes, Domination, Arm lock, Face punching, Face sitting, Fetish, Full body pin, Full nelson, Grapevine pin, Head scissors, Humiliation, Neck scissors, Pantyhose, Reverse head scissors, schoolgirl pin, Scissors, Trash talking, Violence

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Show me!

Adele and Pamela are two imposing amazons: strong and powerful muscles, perfect round bums, and real-life brawlers. After comparing their bodies, the two beauties collide in a brutal catfight. There is hatred and an irresistible desire for dominance.

Wet savagery

Rest assured that you will not take your eyes off the screen. Each round is more intense than the previous one, sweaty and wild bodies, different dresses and pantyhoses, vicious trash-talking, violent hair pulling, humiliating facesitting, scissors, punches, barbaric chokes, armlocks… nothing is left out!

This is cinema

The final scene is brutal and intense. One of the wrestlers is well ahead in the score and after a terrific scissor, reaffirms her absolute superiority and dominance over her rival by dragging her around by the hair, like a dog. The icing on the cake is a superb victory pose where the winner is wallowing in her bitchness.
Spectacular power and savagery!
English dialogues with plenty of trash talking.

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