FF157 Ambra vs Michela – The ultimate catfight for Steve’s love

Duration: 34 min
: Euro 29,99 (2160p) – Euro 27,99 (1080p) – Euro 24,99 (720p)
: Body Press, crying, biting, catfight, hair pulling, grapevine pin, humiliation, KO, full body pin, breast torture, nipple torture, scratching, thongs, over a man, push wrestling, humiliation, smothering, hand smother, Trash talking, thigh scissor, Violence

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Beyond nine, the perfect ten!

Steve, the luckiest son of a gun on this planet, has had two sizzling vixens battling for his affection a whopping nine times. But hold on tight, because this saga is far from over.
Ambra and Michela, the fierce rivals in the game of love, are back for their tenth clash, surpassing soap operas and cinematic universes in sheer intensity. And this time, the stakes have skyrocketed. The winner won’t just claim Steve but also relish in the sweet pleasure of subjecting her defeated rival to ten minutes of merciless punishment with no chance of retaliation.

A ten-acious showdown

No more games or tests of strength. We’re diving straight into a no-holds-barred catfight that will only end when one of these lovers surrenders for good. This is a catfight of the highest order, rated a perfect ten in every way imaginable way.
Savage hair-pulling, vicious scratches, daring bites, suffocating hand smothering, brutal fishhooks, harsh breasts torture, relentless trash talking, and super thigh scissors that will leave you breathless.
And let’s not forget the masterful camerawork that captures every intense moment with precision.

A great finale

With a stroke of brilliance, one of these ladies outsmarts her opponent, sealing her victory and subjecting her rival to a relentless ten minutes of excruciating and creative punishments. The anguished screams and cries of defeat fill the air as the triumphant winner revels in her dominance, basking in the glory and promptly claiming her prize —Steve.
This is undeniably a top-tier video that deserves a spot in your collection.

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