FF186 Marzia vs Adele vs Luna – Deadly dance of the killer blades

Duration: 23 min
: Euro 25,99 (2160p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 20,99 (720p)
2vs1, Domination, Fake knives, Fetish, Humiliation, Knife, KO, schoolgirl pin, Thongs

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Deadly dance of blades

Marzia, Adele, and Luna ready themselves for combat — three alluring women with bodies sculpted to perfection and instincts as sharp as their blades. You’re witnessing a knife fight that’s as deadly as it is seductive. Without further ado, they shed their attire, seize their knives and the clash starts!
In this free-for-all brawl, they pounce on each other, seeking the fatal thrust that will secure their victory. Every move opens a door to potential triumph. Luna takes the lead, dispatching Marzia before ruthlessly ending a defenceless Adele, stabbing her repeatedly until she draws her last breath.

Unexpected havoc

What’s this? Adele finds herself in a fierce struggle against the surprising coalition of Luna and Mariza, who are relentlessly attacking her like untamed predators. The atmosphere is electric as the survival instinct saturates the air in this lethal face-off; the most enticing knife fight you’ll ever witness
Despite the odds being against her, Adele exhibits her determination, lineage, and power, overpowering her foes and subjecting them to torment and suffering as she “caresses” them with the frosty steel of her blade, proclaiming her triumph.

Survival of the fittest

The ultimate showdown sees Luna against all odds. Adele and Marzia’s mortal duo will go to any lengths to annihilate her! Luna fights like a lioness till the bitter end but is overpowered by her relentless adversaries who show no mercy as they stab her incessantly! Stabs to the breasts, belly, legs, and neck… no part of Luna’s body is spared from the piercing steel that penetrates her flesh, leading her to her inevitable demise. In the end, only two survive this deadly trial.

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