FF190 Andrea vs Chiara – No holds barred fight with incredible humiliations!

Duration: 21 min
: Euro 25,99 (2160p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 20,99 (720p)
staredown, head scissors, neck scissors, body scissors, jeans, rear naked choke, stomping, kicks, hairpulling, belly punching, headlock, full nelson, slapping, strangling, foot smother, kissing feet, figure four head scissors, cross body pin, triangle, face sitting, ass kissing, humiliation, lotus hold, KO, reverse head scissors

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No holds barred

Two stunning girls in jeans and bras, an intense and threatening staredown that quickly erupts into vigorous hair-pulling.
Chiara wastes no time and locks Andrea in a spectacular neck scissors followed by a powerful rear-naked chokehold. It’s on!
It’s an even, wild brawl with stomping, kicks, and even more chokeholds, but also belly punching, headlocks, kicks to the face, full nelsons, and body scissors… you name it!
All that, in the first 4 minutes of this incredible video.

Foot smothered!

This is not a match of any kind, it’s all about two rival friends who try to hurt each other to obtain the opponent’s submission!
Finally, Chiara puts Andrea KO and presses her foot into her face and mouth, pinching her nose between her toes to smother and humiliate her for good… but it’s far from over!

Face sitting and much more…

When Andrea wakes up, she admits defeat and suggests getting rid of the jeans to continue the fight in underwear. In a surprising move, while undressing Chiara, she kisses her feet!
From here on, there will be room for more staredowns, more no-holds-barred fighting with spectacular moves, including figure fours and triangles.
Finally, you’ll see more incredible humiliations (e.g. an extra long face sitting KO!), until the final victory of one of the fierce fighters!
In one word: unmissable!

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