FF192 Andrea vs Ezio – Submission dance: the domme’s sinful surrender

Duration: 22 min
: Euro 25,99 (2160p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 20,99 (720p)
Arm lock, Armbar, bearhug, Chokes, Domination, Fetish, Full body pin, Humiliation, KO, Lift and Carry, Lifted bearhug, Maledom, One sided, Rear naked choke, Scissors

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Domme’s intrigue

Andrea, cloaked in her sultry domme attire, embodies an irresistible allure—stunning, sleek, and scorchingly hot. Her suggestive movements, as Ezio warms up, captivate the whole scene. Despite Ezio’s irritation with her fully engrossing performance, the latest provocation sparks a wicked mixed confrontation.
Get ready for a particular match where the baser instincts prevail and inhibitions go to hell.

Surrender to domination

As Andrea’s words unfold, her attire reveals a deliberate choice. Ezio swiftly subdues her, and she revels in it: chokes, body slams, scissors, pins, armbars, bearhugs, rear naked chokes, lifts… all executed with finesse, aggressiveness and madness.
Ezio’s devious moves, like grabbing her ass or pressing her belly with his fists, transform the mats into a riveting display of heightened sensuality, pleasure, and absolute masochism.

Her longing fulfilled

Andrea, ensnared by Ezio’s control, witnesses her dignity crumble. Yet, she embraces the aftermath. The ultimate indignity arrives through an unyielding and mad rear naked choke, ushering her into dreamland. Andrea lies unconscious, humiliated and utterly dominated, just as she desires.
Ezio, the fulfiller of her fantasies, adds a domme to his collection.

(This video was previously released as SFD603 on www.sexyfightdreams.com)

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