FF195 Adele vs Alberto – Competitive wrestling with wardrobe malfunctions

Duration: 8 min
: Euro 25,99 (2160p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 20,99 (720p)
Mixed, Chokes, Grappling, Headlock, Mixed, Scissors, wardrobe malfunctions

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Fierce competitors

Adele and Alberto stand poised as formidable contenders, each meticulously preparing for the impending fully competitive match that promises to push their skills and strength to the limit.
With tension mounting during their brief yet intense staredown, anticipation for the upcoming action reaches its peak.

Wardrobe malfunction? No setback!

The match unfolds with an electrifying display of intense competitive grappling, characterized by lightning-fast holds and technical prowess. As the intensity ramps up, Adele’s wardrobe hiccup becomes apparent, yet she remains unfazed, channelling her focus and determination into the bout.
Undeterred by the distraction, she continues to press forward, showcasing her resilience and unwavering resolve.

A sudden twist

In a surprising turn of events, Adele halts the match mid-action, citing an issue with her hand. The unexpected interruption adds a new layer of intrigue to the contest, hinting at unresolved matters between Adele and Alberto that may soon come to light.
Adele recovered from her broken finger and the full competitive match vs Alberto is available on IFW: https://italianfemalewrestling.com/videos/ifw478-adele-vs-alberto/

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