FF198 Andrea vs Robi – Feet of fury: Andrea and Robi battle for foot supremacy

Duration: 21 min
: Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 20,99 (720p)
Ankle lock, Biting, Boston crab, Catfight, Double body scissors, Feet, Fetish, Figure four, Foot domination, Foot fetish, Foot torture, Hairpulling, Humiliation, Lotus hold, Toe twisting, wardrobe malfunctions

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Beauties collide

Prepare for a captivating throwback that will have you on the edge of your seat. Andrea and Robi, two stunning and alluring combatants, collide with a singular focus: each other’s feet. What ensues is far from ordinary; from the outset, the intensity is palpable, with stomps and swift action on the mats.
The air crackles with anger, determination, and the relentless drive to emerge victorious in this fierce and increasingly intimate battle.

Foot torture galore

Both fighters showcase remarkable creativity in their relentless assault on each other’s feet, employing a myriad of techniques including the boston crab, lotus holds, ankle locks, bites, figure fours to the leg, and toe torture… you name it! Add in some wardrobe mishaps (apologies for the blur!) and a touch of foot fetishism, and you have a thrilling, nail-biting spectacle.
Each attack is executed with brutal precision, inflicting excruciating pain.
Despite the agony and desperation of being ensnared in a hold, both girls push themselves to the limit, even resorting to unconventional tactics like butt-on-butt contact and hair-pulling.
The resulting submissions are both difficult to watch and immensely satisfying in their humiliation.

The undisputed winner

With the match tied and each fighter boasting a submission, Andrea and Robi unleash a flurry of attacks in a bid to clinch victory. The ensuing exchange is a testament to their unwavering resolve and unyielding determination. After a gruelling struggle, one fighter manages to ensnare her opponent in a merciless hold pressuring her butt and feet and eliciting a resounding cry of surrender as the match reaches its climax.
With victory secured, the triumphant fighter asserts her dominance with a triumphant pose, cementing her authority and leaving no doubt as to the undisputed winner. Truly a classic showdown!
This match was previously released as SFD002 on https://www.sexyfightdreams.com/

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