FF200 Ambra vs Stella – Who will reign supreme in the world of facesitting?

Duration: 24 min
: Euro 25,99 (2160p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 20,99 (720p)
Body scissors, Breast smother, Catfight, Domination, Face sitting, Fetish, Head scissors, Humiliation, Neck scissors, schoolgirl pin, Scissors

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Weight vs experience

In this heated showdown, Stella (now Ivy Satinee) and Ambra bring contrasting strategies to the mat: Stella relying on her ample bosom to smother, while Ambra trusts in her seasoned skillset for victory. Despite their divergent approaches, both exude sensuality and prowess, setting the stage for an unforgettable clash.
As the battle unfolds, which one of them will end up defeated and humiliated under her rival’s ass? Will Stella’s curves crush Ambra’s confidence, or will Ambra’s expertise prevail against the weight of her opponent?

Facesit and smothering clash

Prepare for a spectacle as strength meets savvy! Stella, leveraging her physical might, grapples fiercely with Ambra, the seasoned dynamo. Engaging in a symphony of holds, they exchange breast smothers and facesit techniques, each vying to deprive the other of precious air. Initially, the match appears evenly matched, but as the contest progresses, it becomes clear that Ambra’s agility and speed outshine Stella’s size and curves.
Witness the dominance unfold as Ambra asserts her mastery, pinning and counting Stella repeatedly, culminating in a decisive victory. Ambra, or rather her firm ass, is lord of Stella’s face!

Queen of facesitting

With Ambra’s relentless smothering, Stella finds herself repeatedly subdued and humbled beneath her opponent’s bum and breasts. In a final act of triumph, Ambra strikes a victorious pose, cementing her status as the undisputed Queen of facesitting. As she basks in her glory before the cameras, one can’t help but wonder: who will dare to face the might of Ambra’s assets next?

This match was previously released as SFD024 on https://www.sexyfightdreams.com/

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